There is so much to see and do along the Alaska Highway near Skagway Alaska. Completed in 1978, the Alaska Highway spur runs 110 miles from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Canada to Skagway, Alaska. Eye-popping scenery, wildlife, grand lakes and mountain views continue to enthrall guests as they did when poet Robert Service wrote about summer in the region:

The summer—no sweeter was ever;
The sunshiny woods all athrill;
The grayling aleap in the river,
The bighorn asleep on the hill.
The strong life that never knows harness;
The wilds where the caribou call;
The freshness, the freedom, the farness—
O God! how I’m stuck on it all.

In this short video, get a taste for the adventure and beauty to be found along the Alaska Highway. From May – September, Skagway Tours offers guided tours through the White Pass, along the Klondike Gold Rush Trail and all the way to the Carcross Desert near Bennet Lake in the Yukon. The Yukon Discovery Tour also includes a stop at Caribou Crossing where you can enjoy lunch, meet a dog sled team and pet the puppies. For the best deals, book local and online or call us at (907)723-481 for group rates and charters.