The Venus Mine - on the road to Carcross

The Venus Mine – on the road to Carcross

For your convenience, below are our most frequently asked questions (FAQs). If there is anything else you wish to query, please contact us. Please call on 1-907-921-4344. Alternatively, feel free to email us with your FAQs at info@skagway.tours or fill in the contact form and one of our customer service representatives will aim to respond within 24 hours or less.

The Cruise Ships Say If We Don’t Book With Them, We Might Get Left Behind. Is It Safe To Book With A Local Company?

Absolutely, it is totally safe. We’ve never left a man behind! Or a woman for that matter. The whole tourism industry here in Skagway is built around the cruise ship schedule, so we know how to get you back in plenty of time.

What Should We Wear?

Unpredictably, the weather is changeable and often wet. Bring layered clothing, some warm mid-layers, a water proof jacket and footwear you don’t mind getting wet.

Are There Any Other Fees We Need To Know About?

Inclusively, all the travel to and from port is included in the prices.

Are There Restroom Breaks?

Yes: we stop several times along the way. That said, we always recommend making use of the facilities just before coming aboard.

What If The Weather Is Bad, Is The Tour Still On?

Wonderfully, we never cancel due to bad weather. We tough it out! This is Alaska not California..!

Do I Need My Passport?

YES!  All trips go through Customs, Make sure you have a passport for everyone in your party. (Exception For US citizens traveling with Birth Certificate & Driver’s license)


What Is There To Eat?

Fear not, on the 4 hour Yukon dogs tour you can purchase snacks at the dog camp, on the summit tour there are no places to buy snacks and drinks along the way. Packing some goodies and a bottle of water is a good idea! Definitely a must for the City and Summit Tour.

Can I Take Pictures From The Bus?

Gloriously, the windows in the majority of our buses are clear and slide down from the top making it easy to snap shots as we drive. We make plenty of stops along the way where you can get out. Photo opportunities abound!

What camera should I bring to capture my wonderful memories?

Excitingly, check out our recent blog post on Photo and Camera Tips for your Skagway / Yukon adventure.