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Our sister companies, Juneau Tours and Juneau Whale Watch offer cruise ship passengers and airline travellers some of the best tours in Juneau, Alaska. Check your itinerary. Excitingly, 1 in 5 ships leaving Skagway are headed to Juneau next.

Whale watching is the best show in town – an experience you’re not soon to forget. Humpback whales show up every year to feed in Alaska’s Inside Passage. A network of natural waterways that carve through Southeast Alaska. The narrow inlets provide a perfect place for whales. Namely, to use the changing tides and narrow channels to capture the schools of herring and krill that try to squeeze through. Just minutes from Auke Bay Harbor, the whales arrive in May and stay through September. On top, Steller sea lions, orcas (killer whales), as well as Dall’s and harbor porpoises join the wildlife show on top. Moreover, so do the bald eagles, swarms of sea gulls and jumping salmon when they come into spawn.

The fleet

Our custom boats are new. Their small size, (max 49 passengers), heated cabins, spacious outside viewing decks and onboard bathrooms are designed to give you the best viewing experience. Rain or shine. A small snack and bottled water is also provided.

Juneau is a tiny oasis of civilization in Alaska. Proudly, it’s the State Capital in which we think is the most beautiful! Gloriously, this old-west town is nestled between glaciated mountains, temperate rainforest and stunning waterways. Moreover, it was originally populated during the gold rush. Our other pride and joy is the beautiful Mendenhall Glacier, one of 38 glaciers flowing from the massive 1,800-square-mile Juneau Ice field.

Explore this glacial wonder from a variety of perspectives like Nugget Creek Falls. Or, the Photo Point Trail, which winds along Mendenhall Lake to an unobstructed view of the glacier’s face. There you can also visit the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center for an elevated view of the glacier and interactive geological exhibits explaining glacier formation.

Juneau Tours is one of the premier tour providers in Juneau. Be ready for your excursion as soon as your ship docks.