Why you’ll love Skagway, Southeast Alaska

If Skagway, Alaska is on your bucket list, we are so excited to announce our new endeavor, Skagway Tours! The word “phenomenal” barely does Southeast Alaska justice. Skagway is many things: a natural wonder; a wildlife viewing paradise; an outdoor Utopia; a cultural jewel rich in history, art, music, and Native heritage; a shopper’s trove; and a food lover’s marvel. Skagway has it all. Like Juneau, it comprises the heart of Southeast Alaska. Pretty good for a tiny oasis of civilization in one the largest wilderness areas in the United States.


Not a bad starting point: the town’s surrounded by the usual suspects of glaciers and towering peaks, high alpine tundra, rivers and lakes but believe it not, coastal rainforest as well. It’s actually the largest temperate forest in North America (the Tongass National Forest), covering a biomass of nearly 17 million acres. Whoa!

Historical importance

In its heyday, Skagway revealed itself as a spirited boomtown overrun with throngs of fortune-seeking prospectors trying to stake their claim to the Klondike—if not relieving others of their own—during the Gold Rush of 1898. Further, historic buildings from the 19th century, now beautifully restored, barroom pianos and traditionally costumed staff echo the rollicking excitement of ’98. Dating back when rich, lonely prospectors faced the temptations of bawdy saloons, the lure of painted ladies and Jefferson “Soapy” Smith leading his ruthless gang hell bent on their reign of terror.

A must see spot

So, if you’re drawn to roads less traveled, isolated frontier regions where spontaneity and excitement rule over routine, then Skagway fits all those requirements. Particularly in the summer months, the streets are humming with activity. Indulge your bucketlist with one of our incredible sight seeing tours.

Skagway Tours

We have been operating for over 10 years in Juneau, Alaska as Juneau Tours and Juneau Whale Watch. (Do you see we have a formula going here with our company names?)

Skagway Tours is particularly exciting to us because for the first time we will offering tours in a town that actually has a road in and out! We offer bus tours all through the historic town and points north, through the Yukon territory. We’ve had special buses fitted to swoop through the mountain passes comfortably. And, we are even partnering with a motorcycle company for the truly adventurous!