Skagway is a great little town that is full of history.

There is so much to see and explore. We figured it would be easier to make you a checklist.

Downtown Skagway

We LOVE downtown Skagway. Once you arrive in town you will instantly be taken back to the “golden” age of the Alaskan gold rush. All the false front shops having something special in store for you. Everything you see has had a mark on history and has an amazing story.

Gold Rush Cemetery

Just outside town there is a very interesting cemetery to go and walk around. This is the best place to read about some crazy gold rush stories. Some are too good to be true, but they all seem possible in a “wild west” type town centered around getting lucky in finding gold.


Did you know you can visit Canada the same day you are in Skagway? You can even see two provinces. (British Columbia, Yukon) We think that is just the coolest. Can you think of a better way to spend your day? You get to see 2 countries and 3 states/providences in just a few hours. This is a very unique, awesome opportunity! (Skagway Half Day Yukon Tour – $65) (Skagway Full Day Yukon Tour – $99)


The flats of Dyea are a short drive away from Skagway and were once a prominent part of the famous Alaskan gold rush. This is a perfect spot if you are looking for good place to hike.

Skagway Museum

Have you always been in search for something that has all the answers? Well, look no further in regards to searching for your Skagway questions. The museum is a great spot to spend part of your day in town.

White Pass

This is of the most famous mountain passes in the world. It is also known as the Dead Horse Trail because three thousand horses died on the trail due to the dangerous trek and other factors. The good news is that taking the same path today as the gold prospectors did is much easier. (Skagway City and White Pass Summit Tour – $45)


People say they are mans best friend, but we think that everyone loves these guys. You can see real alaskan husky dogs and puppies. These dogs have one goal in life and that is to RUN! Forrest Gump comes to mind. The dog mushing camp in Caribou Crossing is a must see! (Skagway Full Day Yukon Tour – $99)